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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Useful Windows Tricks you did not know.....

1.Go to start->run.Type regedit.Now go to:HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/CurrentVersion/PoliciesUnder this key, there will definitely be a key named explorer.
Now under this explorer key we can create new DWORD values and modify it's value to 1 in order to impose the restriction.
If you want to remove the Restriction, then you can simply delete the respective DWORD values or instead change their values to 0. The following is a list of DWORD values that can be created under the Explorer Key-:
  • NoDeletePrinter: Disables Deletion of already installed Printers
  • NoAddPrinter: Disables Addition of new PrintersNoRun : Disables or hides the Run Command
  • NoSetFolders: Removes Folders from the Settings option on Start Menu (Control Panel, Printers, Taskbar)
  • NoSetTaskbar: Removes Taskbar system folder from the Settings option on Start Menu
  • NoFind: Removes the Find Tool (Start >Find)
  • NoDrives: Hides and does not display any Drives in My Computer
  • NoNetHood: Hides or removes the Network Neighborhood icon from the desktop
  • NoDesktop: Hides all items including, file, folders and system folders from the Desktop
  • NoClose: Disables Shutdown and prevents the user from normally shutting down Windows.
  • NoSaveSettings: Means to say, 'Don't save settings on exit'DisableRegistryTools: Disable Registry Editing Tools (If you disable this option, the Windows Registry Editor(regedit.exe) too will not work.)
  • NoRecentDocsHistory: Removes Recent Document system folder from the Start Menu (IE 4 and above)ClearRecentDocsOnExit: Clears the Recent Documents system folder on Exit.
  • Nolnternetlcon: Removes the Internet (system folder) icon from the Desktop.

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