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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Installing Windows in Unattended Mode...

Installing Windows in Unattended Mode...
Formating your System and Reinstalling Windows is a pretty boring and long work. Now how to make it working. You can format your Hard Drive in a matter of minutes but Installation of Windows is long and boring, Especially when you have to sit in front of computer as setup is running and a window comes up, asking for the information.
Well to overcome this a method called Unattended Installation was provided by Microsoft as in case to get rid of it.
Now, How to do this Unattended Installation?
Here is the solution, Lets see it How.

Follow these steps before Formating your computer or onto another computer.

1.Insert your Windows Xp/2K3 disk into your computer and open the CD drive.

2.Open the Support folder, then tools. And then open the deploy(archive) file, you might need Winzip to open that file.

3.Now in that folder, run file “setupmgr.exe”. It will display Wizard.

4.Click next and select “Create New”. Select “unattended installation”, click next, then select the OS, click next. Select “fully automated”, click next.

5.After that wizard will now ask you all the questions that are asked by setup during installation.

Make sure you answer all the information correctly, for e.g. :- if in case you enter the wrong product key then, setup will not continue further, it will ask you the key again at the time of installation, so make sure you type in all the information correctly.
After that very important step of saving the file. You need to save the file in a Floppy disk, and make sure that you name it as “winnt.sif” only.

In floppy disk you should see 2 files, winnt.sif and winnt.bat, if not go through the whole process again.
Your Files are now ready1. When you will start the installation it will automatically take all the files from the file. Now you can install Windows Xp/2k3 into any computer.

So, next time you Install Windows, Do use this to save your time...

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