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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rapidshare Accounts

Each and every premium account has a download limit of 2.66 GB per day. So once the limit exceeds u cannot download anything.

So if u want to utilize the premium accounts given by our Admin then u should use the premium account in the morning approximately, after 4.30am (Indian Standard Time).

Because the Rapidshare Premium Account Limit is reset to zero at that time. So Start downloading as soon as possible in the morning.

Hope this information will be useful to all u guys.
Login: 7554327
Password: SncFzK

Login: 7554324
Password: GECYgQ

Login: 7554318
Password: NcmpEP

Login: 7554304
Password: 8UZnyk

Login : 7556475
Password: jcHHNV

Login : 7556476
Password: SEhx5a

username : fuckall
password : iwashere

Account : 7574847
Password : rMRFvFaT

Login: 7554304
Password: LBbQwFMw

Account : 377023
Password : MoHaNVkY

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