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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Crackers kit ! Make patches and keygens +cracks (AIO)

OllyDbg 1.10 & Plugins - Modified by SLV *NEW*
W32Dasm 8.93 - Patched *NEW*
PEiD 0.93 + Plugins *NEW*
RDG Packer Detector v0.5.6 Beta - English *NEW*

Rebuilding :

ImpRec 1.6 - Fixed by MaRKuS_TH-DJM/SnD *NEW*
Revirgin 1.5 - Fixed *NEW*
LordPE De Luxe B *NEW*

Packers :

FSG 2.0
MEW 11 1.2 SE
UPX 1.25 & GUI *NEW*
SLVc0deProtector 0.61 *NEW*
ARM Protector v0.3 *NEW*
WinUpack v0.31 Beta *NEW*

Patchers :

dUP 2 *NEW*
CodeFusion 3.0
Universal Patcher Pro v2.0
Universal Patcher v1.7 *NEW*
Universal Loader Creator v1.2 *NEW*
aPatch v1.07
PMaker v1.2.0.0 *NEW*
Tola's Patch Engine v2.03b
ABEL Loader v2.31
Yoda's Process Patcher *NEW*
Registry Patch Creator *NEW*
ScAEvoLa's PatchEngine v1.33 *NEW*
Dogbert's Genuine Patching Engine v1.41 *NEW*
Graphical-PatchMaker v1.4 *NEW*
The aPE v0.0.7 BETA *NEW*
Liquid2 *NEW*
PELG v0.3 *NEW*
PrincessSandy v1.0 *NEW*

HEX Editor :

Biew v5.6.2
Hiew v7.10 *NEW*
WinHex v12.5 *NEW*

Decompilers :

DeDe 3.50.04
VB ’Decompiler’ Lite v0.4 *NEW*

Unpackers :

ACProtect - ACStripper
ASPack - ASPackDie
ASProtect > Stripper 2.07 Final & Stripper 2.11 RC2 *NEW*
FSG 1.33 > Pumqara's Dumper
FSG 2.00 > UnFSG
PeCompact 1.x > UnPecomp
PEncrypt > UnPEncrypt
PeSpin 0.3 > DeSpinner 0.3
tELock 0.98-1.0 > UntELock
EXEStealth > UnStealth
Xtreme-Protector / Themida > XprotStripper v1.1 *NEW*
Morphine Killer 1.1 by SuperCracker/SND *NEW*
ASPR Dumper v0.1 *NEW*
Armadillo Process Detach v1.1 *NEW*
Armadillo Dumper v1.0 *NEW*
Armadillo Nanomite Fixer *NEW*
Armadillo Distance Decryptor aka Jump Table Fixer *NEW*
ArmTools (Translated!) *NEW*
ArmInline v0.1 *NEW*
Quick Unpack v1.0b3 *NEW*
Procdump v1.6.2 *NEW*

Keygenning : *NEW*

TMG Ripper Studio 0.02 *NEW*

Other :

FileMon v7 (Patched) *NEW*
RegMon v7 (Patched) *NEW*
RSATool 2
DAMN HashCalc
EVACleaner 2.7
Process Explorer
Resource Hacker
PUPE 2002
PointH Locator *NEW*
ASPR CRC Locator 1.2 *NEW*
PE Tools 1.5 RC5 *NEW*
API Address Finder *NEW*
Jump to Hex Convertor *NEW*
PE GeNeRaToR 1.2.1 *NEW*
Quick File Viewer v1.0.1 *NEW*
PE Insight 0.3b *NEW*
Crypto Searcher *NEW*
PE Editor v1.7 *NEW*
bkslash's Inline Patcher *NEW*
Stud_PE v2.1 *NEW*
Injecta v0.2 *NEW*
PE Rebuilder v0.96b *NEW*
PE Optimizer v1.4 *NEW*
ToPo v1.2 *NEW*
NFO Builder 2000 v1.02 *NEW*
NFO File Maker v1.6 *NEW*
TMG NFOmakeR v1.0 *NEW*
hCalc *NEW*

CrackersKit was originally created by DappA/ICU and CrackersKIT2 was put together by Whiterat/ICU.

Major Greetz flying out to:
SuperCracker[SnD] , MaRKuS_TH-DJM[SnD] , x3chun[SnD] , sLayer[SnD] , SLV [ex-ICU] , diablo2002[mp2k] , FEUERRADER[AHTeam] , AvAtAr[RESURRECTiON] , bkslash[R0CK] , MackT[UCF] , Canterwood[iC!tEaM] , ScAEvoLa[EVC] , Mr.Crimson[WkT!] , elton[FNW] , Predator[pHROZEN cREW] , hinte![AAOCG] , Melatonin[ICU] , AgentData[ex-eMiNENCE] , MiB , ap0x , yoda , c0rdat , Parabytes , PUPE , Netix , Northfox , EGOiSTE , Dogbert and Anyone else who helped create this new version!
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