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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SAP Administration 2 CBT

The Basis System for Advanced Users
Software Logistics
R/3 Data
Transport Request
System Change Option
Client Change Option
Domain Controller
Creating other Systems
Creating Virtual/External Systems
Backup Domain Controller
Creating Transport Routes
Checking and Activating Transport Routes
Other Software Logistics Tools
Workbench Organizer
Customizing Organizer
Transport Directory, Naming Conventions
Originals and Copies of Objects
Transport Options
Transporting a Transport Request
Creating Clients
Client Copy
Client Export
Client Import
Transport Options Overview
Introduction to the CCMS
CCMS Overview
Tasks and Objectives
Performance Monitoring
Monitoring Overview
System Response Times
Workload Analysis Monitor (ST03)
SAP Buffer Monitor (ST02)
Database Monitor (ST04)
Operating System Monitor (ST06)
Day-To-Day Work of the R/3 System Administrator
Work Process and User Overview
System Log, Short Dumps, Background Jobs
Database Monitoring
Update and Lock Overview
Performance Monitoring
Alert Monitoring
Using the Alert Monitor
Own Monitor
Customizing the Monitor
Traces and Logs
Startup/Work Process Logs and Traces
Operating System Log
Database Message Log

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