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Monday, January 5, 2009

Linux CBT Scripting Edition

Linux CBT Scripting Edition
LinuxCBT Scripting Edition is a unique approach to teaching GNU/Linux Scripting skills. Serious Linux IT-professionals are expected to have a command of various scripting environments for administrative purposes. It consists of 4 LinuxCBT Scripting Products: BASH, Perl, Python & PHP. LinuxCBT Scripting Edition, is unparalleled in content, depth and expertise. LinuxCBT Scripting Edition prepares you or your organization for successfully developing and implementing business-critical GNU/Linux-based scripting solutions. Linux automation requires a solid scripting foundation.

Recommended Prerequisites:
* LinuxCBT Classic and/or Debian GNU/Linux Editions - Operating System (OS) Base
* Open mind & determination to master Linux Scripting Solutions - BASH/Perl/Python/PHP
* Access to a GNU/Linux-based PC to perform exercises in LinuxCBT Scripting Edition

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