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Monday, January 5, 2009

Train Signal Lab 17 Exchange Server 2000

Train Signal Lab 17 Exchange Server 2000
We had been receiving so many requests for this one, so people could finish up their collections, but there was some debate if it was a dupe or not. Well, if someone shows it pred before I defy them to actually produce the warezed copy (many dupe entries on the dupe-checkers turn out to be fakes) LAB 17 will Help You Master Exchange Server 2000 with Hands-On Drills & Step-by-Step Lessons� Fun, interactive scenarios make our lessons easy to retain! Install and configure an Exchange Server for your company�s email Install, configure & test Active Directory and DNS� Exchange Server Requires Them! Go through and understand the installation of Exchange Server and all of the necessary pre-requisites! Configure Outlook 2002 & 2003 as a POP3 Client, IMAP4 Client & an Exchange Client Setup Mailbox-Enabled accounts for all of the users in Active Directory Setup Mail-Enabled Accounts for users who have an Outside Email Address Register an Internet Domain Name and configure your DNS MX Records Setup your Exchange Server to receive email behind a Firewall Configure Recipient Policies to allow your Exchange Server to receive email for multiple domains Check email for Viruses at the server level using the 3rd party tool GFI Mail Security Filter email & attachments for prohibited content using the 3rd party tool, GFI Mail Security No images, but at least descriptions.. CD 1 :

CD 2 :

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