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Monday, January 5, 2009

Total Training - SQL Server 2005

Total Training for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 takes you inside the latest, coolest, and most powerful database software platform, Microsoft's SQL Server 2005. The tutorials focus on key elements in a logical sequence. You can easily find what you need-including all the SQL Server 2005 basics, best practices, dozens of targeted examples, and sample code. If you design or develop SQL Server 2005 databases, this video series is what you need to succeed!

* Master the fundamentals of SQL Server technology.
* Learn how to write better queries to return the exact data required.
* Avoid slow iterative code by refactoring cursors into queries using user-defined functions and case expressions.
* Develop stored procedures using T-SQL.
* Understand how transactions affect performance, how to detect blocking transactions, and how to minimize the impact of locking and blocking.
* Create triggers to build custom audit trails and enforce database rules.




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