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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Folder Lock Totally New Trick (Without Software)

To Lock your Folder

If u want to lock Folder "test" in directory "class" then the path is :

EMay be Differ)\...\class\test

Then First go in "class" directory and make a notepad file and writedown following code:

cacls test /d USERNAME

Where USERNAME is the Name that u have selected for your account in your Computer.Then save & close it.
Now,Rename it with "Lock.bat".

Now,Run that Lock.bat file & it will ask for it there give y (yes) & it's done.

To Unlock your Folder

To Unlock Folder make another Notepad File and write following code:

cacls test /g USERNAME:f

Then save & close it.Rename it with "open.bat".
Now,Run the Open.bat file & give y(yes) for Unlock it.

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