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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Orkut-View More Then 10 Scraps In Friend Scrapbook..

as we sometime face difficulty in viewing or searching scraps in ours friend profile.This trick is really simple and easy to understand just you need to follow some below mention Instruction. /)

* After Login ,Go to anyone scrapbook in which you wana see more then 10 scraps.
* After reaching into his/her scrapbook ,add a simple below code in url or Adress bar ( where we type www )


* After Pasting above code in yours friend scrapbook ,Adress Bar Will Look like below Code.

* After pasting that code Hit Enter and you can easily view maximum of 30 scraps in yours friend scrapbook.

Through this trick you can easily view up to 30 scraps and it will work in all Orkut profile there is no condition for this trick to work but remember donot change the code ,any change in code will make the trick stop to work

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