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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rafoo Chakkar (2008) PDVDRip

Cast: Nauheed Cyrusi, Nisha, Archana, Shakti Kapoor, Yudi and Aslam

Director: BH Tharun Kumar

This chakkar starts with Millie and Julie (Nisha and Nauheed) who run away from home because they do not want to get married. Similarly, Pappu and Munnu( Yudi and Aslam) escape for the same reason. These four meet in Mumbai and fall in love, when they were supposed to get married to each other in the first place. Enter 45 year old soul sisters Kokila and Koena (Archana and Mita) who miss no opportunity to showcase their black belt level Karate skills. Their father dies and they will get his property only if they get married, which is something they have avoided all their lives. Pappu and Munnu get robbed and their bad luck lands them in a marriage of convenience to the sisters, while their sweethearts know nothing of it and the chakkar begins....

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